We began our journey from Taiwan
and have our machineries delivered to the world markets all over the world.

Began from Taiwan, a-max team has accumulated bounteous know-how and experience in the field of plastics, bringing excellent machinery products to the global market all over the world and those products are highly recommended by customers.

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Based on our knowledge of industrial application, persistence in product quality, and our professional performance of R&D, we are no longer a supportive facility supplier only, but an engineer of plant planners in the plastics industry. Our services include rubber, plastics, biomedical, food processing, semi-conductor, and medicine. We are professional planning experts for those industrial sectors.

Temperature Control Facility
In the area of temperature control, there are oil and water-based cooling methods for temperature control. These are compatible with injection molding molds, rubber extrusion molds, extrusion lines, and semi-conductor sectors. In the area of industrial cooling water equipment, there are water-based and air-based series, and both of them are widely applied in the industry, making effective temperature control.
Customized Models
Regarding the customized models, we have PET mold de-dew, PE bag blowing machine cooling, and static de-powder technology. These are all professional models for PET injection molding as well as PE bag blowing, delivering stable and excellent performance. Regarding the de-powder technology, we have excellent performance in extrusion and granulating processes for PC, PS, PMMA, PET, and PETG permeable materials.
Dehumidifiers and Drying Devices
Dehumidification and drying are key factors in plastics manufacturing processes. Patented a-max 40 to 70 degree C plastics drying technology is compatible with high and low-temperature plastics and even with elastomers materials. We have all kinds of models, including models from Switzerland, single machine model with ceramic cell rotary model from Japan, three in one (cell rotary series adopt colorful HMI) model, high vacuum double tank model, sealed cooling double tanks, low-temperature venting, etc.
Quantity Measuring and Color Distribution Device
Regarding the quantity measuring and blending, we have a lost-weight master batch device (single station/ double station), the lost-weight calculation (for granules and powders), tapping based lost-weight calculation device (for granules and powders), multiple station weight calculation blender, single station/ double station volume calculation device (blending function is optional). Users could select the best options based on their demands.

Lost Weight Calculator
During the injection and extrusion procedures, there are three methods for plastics resin weight calculation: volume, weight addition, and lost weight methods. The last one is the optimal method regarding weight detection, feeding control, connection with primary machinery, smart operation, humanization, etc. Lost-weight is the most accurate and most ideal calculation mechanism, which can control plastics granules, powders, masterbatches, and additives precisely and automatically, bringing reliable feeding quality for injection molding machines as well as extrusion machines.

a-max team invests resources in the development of a lost-weight calculator, which is compatible with the mainstream idea in the global market, importing precise feeding technology into the primary machines responsible for manufacturing. Together with multiple station designs, different formulas are blended perfectly simultaneously. The accuracy level reaches 5/1000. We offer micro-scales designed with lost weight function to calculate granulated masterbatches. Furthermore, there are large-sized lost weight quantity calculations of granules (1~1,000kg/hr) and powder plastics materials (3~1,500kg/hr)
Resin Feeding Transmission Facility
Our design adopts MITSUBISHI PLC intuitive control screen, which is easy to learn and operators can operate based on the shown icons, eliminating the language barriers. The operation status is shown by diagrams so the situation is clear. The model is equipped with RS-485 communication functionality, which satisfies remote manipulation, surveillance, and data collection demands. These functionalities are compatible with automatic management trends now.
The 500 Gallon RO for Industrial Water Supply
This inexpensive RO water supply system helps a lot to the industrial facilities by avoiding making water-based wastes. Besides the corresponding improved heat exchange efficiency, it also eliminates the clogged situation of tubes which need further resources of manpower and materials to solve and always making shut down of production lines. Furthermore, this also avoids the pollution of soil and water sources due to the acidic waters.

FIBC Material Hanging Bags
This device solves conventional problems that happened to FIBC bags that always are hard to be vacuumed. Single side material vacuuming needs manual assistance or the vacuuming gun for the suction to protrude into PE bags (inner bag), which brings hard-to-suction behavior.

Three Speed Manual Oil Pumping Device
This is a practical device with reasonable prices, solving the problem of moving 12 KG oil tanks by workers. Further, the design also avoids the leaking pollution issues that usually happened during addition. (Hot kerosene is easy to attach to the surface of insulation materials; once if those substances are heated, they will evaporate a large amount of oil steam, and white smoke, and eventually, some sparks may happen and it may lead to unwanted fires as catch on fire.)

Business Philosophy

We have accumulated a lot of know-how based on our long-term services in the area of rubber and plastics for many years. We can solve customers’ demands. Our excellent technology focused attention, and enthusiasm for services help customers from different industrial sectors.


We offer the optimal solutions for customers based on our practical experiences as well as the latest technology.

Focused on this Industry

We keep our pace in investment in the plastics and rubber industry and have gained many patents and advantageous know-how.


We listen to what customers’ say.

Quality Guarantee

a-max works hard to improve its facility as well as the quality of its after-sales services. We want to ensure that what we offer to customers can make them feel secured.


We want to keep our pace in R&D and being innovative, offering reasonable prices to customers. a-max is good at add new technology onto conventional production lines and create new ideas in the industrial sectors. The applied sectors are many, including high technology, food, medical, and semiconductor industry, etc. We do our best to make our engineering capacity complete.

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