Customized Systems

Customized Equipment

Customized Models Makes Greater Values

We know what the critical concerns of our customers are. No matter it is about the improvement of their existing production lines, or it is about new production line planning, a-max is able to customize their systems and production lines by offering supportive devices or other alternative options.

For the plant planning, a-max has accumulated profound experience in production through these years, so we know how to offer the suitable supportive equipment for customers based on their plant structure. We will go to visit customers to know about their raw materials and targeted quantity numbers, and then plan the manufacturing equipment which are needed before and in the midst of their entire processing procedure. We are able to help you make excellent performance that is beyond the limitation of your plants so that your existing environment would no longer be your limitation regarding your production values, because our creativity and experience are the real advantages of our customers.

Machine Model Replacement
New Production Line Planning
Customized Supportive Equipment and Alternative Options for Manufacturers

Service Processes

For those malfunctioning machines, they are mostly highly priced items made by high-end suppliers, so users tend to repair them instead of replace them. However, aging is an inevitable issue that at some moment, the existing old machines cannot be repaired anymore.
We know that in many cases, replacing the entire malfunctioning machines is the most optimal solution rather than repairing, so we can customize similar machine models for customers in order to replace their existing machines. Based on this service, customers are able to purchase the machine models they need with reasonable prices, creating better values for their production lines.

Central Material Conveying System CMCS Series

Central Material Receiver
Central Controller
Material Selection Station
Material Integrated Multi-Station
Auto-Cleaning Vortex Cyclone
Material Tank
Central Loader
Suction Box With Piping-Purge Valve
Stainless Compression Coupling